The village of Saint Julien de Lampon seen in the direction of Carlux, Dordogne between Souillac and Sarlat-la-Caneda, France 24370


borage decorates a fresh salad

Tastes and flavours of traditionnal cuisine, homegrown and prepared by Jackie, seasonal menus.


double bed room

Rooms decorated in traditonnal and modern style, offer comfort and tranquility. Who could ask for more ?


our kitchen garden

After having stayed with us, your senses will be reawakened. Discover!


menu board

Our reasonnable prices will encourage you to come again and again, and recommend us to your friends.


our grand-parents horsedrown carriage

You can reserve and come by foot, on horseback or by car, take your time, enjoy the trip, knowing that Le Roi Carotte will be there to welcome you.